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Some people think of glasses as an accessory, but for others, without them, they can not see anything at all.

Our approach to eye exams is a little different. We start with a process that is both relaxed and professional, and we only collaborate with passionate and sincere optometrists.

Our stress-free viewing room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Each eye exam is fully personalized and takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes.

The first thing our optometrist does is check carefully if you can see well. He also performs various other tests to identify eye or visual problems. If necessary, a personalized prescription will be tailored specifically to your lifestyle and your individual needs.

We are more interested in making a difference than a quick sale. Our optometrist detects, diagnoses and helps to treat developmental problems and eye conditions. You will receive honest and professional advice on whether you really need glasses, an update to your existing prescription, or additional treatment for an eye problem.

Our comprehensive eye exams cost $ 90 and we charge most insurers.

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The retinal camera is a device that allows you to see the inner structure of the eye.

Optometrist Dr. Serge Bouchard can detect many pathologies.

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We accept the prescriptions of our competitors!

You moved, had a bad experience with the big banners in optics? Whatever your reason, do not hesitate to bring us your prescription and it will be our pleasure to help you make an informed choice!